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All players are required to have their own mitt - optional rubber/plastic cleat baseball shoes

The season starts mid April and ends when school lets out in June

All games start @ 6:00 Pm

The Marne League supplies the following:

All team playing and safety  equipment (Helmets, Mask, etc) 

All teams will be supplied with uniforms to be turned in at season end and receive a team trophy                                                      

Tee Ball Teams play every Tuesday and Thursday at the Marne Field

Machine Teams play Monday at Marne and Wednesday at Tallmadge Field - Away games at Coopersville

Minor teams play at Walker Central city fields  (8:00 PM limit) - away games at Conklin & Coopersville

Major teams play at Walker Rec Harmond Field (8:00 PM limit) - away games at Rockford, Coopersville & Conklin

We are always looking for coaches. Click here to put your name in the hat.
Coaches: Each head coach will receive a refund for once player with their coaches packet.
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