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Q: I’m not sure my child is ready for T-Ball. What skill level is required?

A: No baseball experience required. We have players of all abilities in T-Ball. Your child must be ready to pay attention to a coach and be reasonably able to following directions.


Q: How long is the season?

A: The practices will start April 12, with games starting April 25. The season usually ends around the first Saturday in June.  Once the season has been scheduled, it will appear here.


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Registration is online or by mail.


Q: Once I’m registered, what’s next?

There is a Parent’s meeting in mid March. You should receive an email with the exact date, but just in case, check this web site. At the parent’s meeting, you will find out more information about the season, which team your child has been placed and practices times. At this point, your coach takes over.


Q: When and how often are practices?

A: The teams practice two times per week before the season starts.  Once the season starts, most teams do not practice. Coaches may organize additional practices if players are available.  Practices generally last about an 90 minutes.


Q: When and how often are games?

A: Once the season begins, there are games twice per week.  The day of week may change from week to week, but the start times will be around 6:00 (although the schedule is not yet set.)  Games last one and half hours.


Q: What equipment does my child need?

A: A glove is the only requirement. Most kids also wear cleats, though they are not required. Rubber cleats do help prevent kids slipping on the grass. 


Q: What equipment does the League provide?

A: We provide uniforms (jersey and pants), and all playing equipment (bats, bases, Tees, catcher’s equipment, etc.).


Q: What kind of glove should I buy?

A: Most importantly, buy a glove that fits properly (big is not necessarily better). It should be small enough so that they can easily raise it and move it around. There’s no need to buy an expensive, fancy glove. Many stores label gloves with “T-Ball Size”.


Q: What experience is required for coaches and managers?

A: No coaching experience is required.  If you are good with kids, know the basics of the game and have even minimal playing experience, you should consider coaching. Many managers and coaches start with T-ball and grow with their kids. Managing or coaching T-ball is more about kids than it is about baseball. Being an assistant coach is a great way to get started.


Q: How are teams formed?

A: The T-Ball Player Agent tries to create teams with balance. Special requests are considered, in the order given, when forming teams. Note we do our best, but cannot always meet everyone’s request.



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