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Select your application type from the dropdown menu and checkout via your Pay Pal account or any credit card as well

Once payment has been submitted, click "Return To Merchant" and you will be redirected to an online application.

Single Player
Tee-Ball and Coach Pitch – $50

Single Player

Minors or Majors – $70

Family Rate - Two Players
Tee Ball and Coach Pitch – $80

Family Rate - Two Players
Any Comination of Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, Minors and Majors $100

Family Rate - Three or more Players
All Playing Tee Ball and Coach Pitch – $100

Family Rate - Three or more Players
Any Combination of Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, Minors and Majors $120

Single Player
AAA – $80

We are always looking for coaches. Click here to put your name in the hat.

Coaches: Each head coach will receive a refund for once player with their coaches packet.

2024 Printable Signup

Download and print the application and mail in with payment before February 28th. 

  • All players are required to have their own mitt - optional rubber/plastic cleat baseball shoes

  • The season starts mid April and ends when school lets out in June

  • All games except AAA start @ 6:00 PM. AAA games start at 7:00 PM

The Marne/Pioneer League supplies the following:

  • All team baseball and safety  equipment (Helmets, Mask, etc) 

  • All teams will be supplied with uniforms to be turned in at season end

  • T-ball players will receive a team trophy at the end of the season. Other teams will receive a souvenir T-shirt           

  • Tee Ball Teams play every Tuesday and Thursday at the Marne Field

  • Coach Pitch Teams play Monday at Marne and Wednesday at Tallmadge Fields - Away games at Coopersville

  • Minor teams play at Tallmadge Fields   (8:00 PM limit) - away games at Conklin & Coopersville

  • Major teams play at Tallmadge Fields (8:00 PM limit) - away games at Rockford, Coopersville & Conklin

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